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TheDealBuyer Discord - TDB Discord

Are you looking for TheDealBuyer's discord?

A lot of you may be very familiar with Discord, which has exploded in popularity as businesses, and organizations are looking to expand their reach. TheDealBuyer isn’t any different, as they decided in 2021 to seek out fresh meat to join their “cashout server”. TheDealBuyers Discord allows them to post links to new deals, provide ‘support’, and even run giveaways to post fake reviews on Google.

However, TheDealBuyer.com is involved in the buying and selling of stolen electronics, making it a fraudulent website that preys on finding new victims. TheDealBuyer claims that they are an “established company that’s done millions of dollars worth of business with hundreds of satisfied buyers around the world”. However, the reality is that ‘buyers’ are frequently scammed and the products they receive can be stolen. Using their Discord server and their website puts you at risk of losing your money and having your Discord account banned.

TheDealBuyer’s Discord Server will likely be banned from Discord completely, as it violates several restrictions as listed within Discord’s terms and conditions.

Discord has a history of banning accounts that were members of servers that violated Discord’s terms and conditions. You are running a risk of having your account permanently banned if you join TheDealBuyer’s server.

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