Featured image of post TheDealBuyer becomes BuyingGroup.com

TheDealBuyer becomes BuyingGroup.com

Why try and improve your reputation when you can rebrand?

If you missed the huge news, TheDealBuyer.com was shockingly “acquired” by “BuyingGroup.com”. We can’t believe it either!

Major news from CEO Mark Mann

The TheDealBuyer.com, known for its infamous involvement in the buying and selling of stolen electronics, has been taken over by BuyingGroup.com, the so-called powerhouse behind this questionable website:

BuyingGroup.com was such a powerhouse before the acquisition!

BuyingGroup.com is a new domain, but trying to erase a poor reputation through a rebrand isn’t a new idea by any means.

However, we decided to follow suit, so you can find all of our new updates on www.buyinggrouptruth.com. Stay safe out there.

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